Q Interventional Technologies (QiTec) portfolio of products is characterised by a focus on percutaneous or minimally invasive solutions, including endoscopic techniques, for spinal & musculo-skeletal pathologies. Our initial product offering includes devices for Epiduroscopy, Spinal Disc Decompression, Electrical Nerve and Stimulation.

Whilst we at QiTec recognise that a pain-free world remains a distant concept, we have committed our energies towards providing alternative tools in the spectrum of capabilities available to pain management professionals, that aim to provide lasting relief to patients debilitated by chronic pain.

Our criteria for product selection are rigorous, and ultimately centred around the delivery of a positive patient outcome. Critical to this process is education of the surgical & theatre teams in the correct and optimal use of the technology, and QiTec proudly partners with our customers and partners to ensure that this is delivered, via workshops and dedicated training sessions.

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