Environmental Policy

Q Interventional Technologies (Qitec) believes it has an important duty to ensure exceptional environmental performance in all of its business operations and to provide the necessary Organisation, commitment and training to fulfil this obligation. Senior Management is committed to monitoring and improving environmental performance, pollution-prevention and environmental protection.


  • Identification of potential areas of impact upon the environment.
  • Compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations which affect the Organisation
  • Setting clear environmental targets
  • Ensuring all Operations and activities are covered and implemented through the policy
  • A systematic waste minimising programme
  • A secure destruction/recycling programme for confidential waste shredding
  • General waste recycling
  • Reduction in energy/water consumption
  • Warehouse product recycling procedure
  • Printing procedures to minimise the waste of resources
  • The use of IT and applications to move documents without the need to print
  • Training and improved awareness to maintain effective communication on environmental matters
  • Ensure that any chemicals used within the business are identified for their environmental impact and assessed.
  • Commitment to ISO14001 and continuing improvement of our Environmental Management System (EMS).

Identification of Environmental Impacts of Aspects
Environmental impacts of each aspect identified at Qitec will be identified with regards to:

  • Air emissions
  • Waste management
  • Resources utilisation (including energy etc.)
  • Water pollution
  • Land contamination
  • Noise and vibration nuisance
  • Indirect impacts caused by QMTL’s suppliers, contractors or customers
  • Others: flora and fauna, visual impact, transportation impact, nuisance, community impact, site security etc.

The Quality & Regulatory Affairs Director shall establish monitoring criteria regarding the achievement of environmental objectives and targets and the progress of programmes. Also, the effectiveness of operational control procedures designed to control the significant environmental aspects of project activities. Furthermore, the conformity of environmental legislation and other requirements related Qitec’s environmental aspects.
Monitoring criteria will include the monitoring/measuring frequency, methods, responsibilities and retention of records. The monitoring criteria shall be documented into the respective procedure.

Records shall be maintained which discuss and review achievement of the objectives and targets plus the progress of relevant programmes. Information shall be reviewed that checks if the company complies with the applicable environmental legislation and any other requirements. Review information at the management meetings as to whether Qitec activities comply. The monitoring criteria in place at Qitec will be reviewed and revised according to legislation changes and situations arising from the continual improvement of environmental performance. Any nonconformities of environmental origin and the corresponding corrective and preventive action shall also be reviewed.

Qitec shall record the results and maintain records of periodic evaluation of compliance and shall be considered at the management review.
This Policy is reviewed at least annually to ensure that the document adequately reflects any changes in our Organisation and to ensure all working practices are considered.

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