IESS® identifies the best endoscopic technique for the surgical treatment of epidural space conditions.

Thanks to its innovative surgical instruments, allowing to operate directly on the pathological structures (fibrosis, scar tissues, FBSS), IESS® Technology stands out from the traditional endoscopic technique, that is exclusively diagnostic.



Resascope is an innovative system designed for the diagnosis and surgical endoscopic treatment of the epidural space. The components are designed especially for a percutaneous and minimally invasive approach to the spinal canal.

It is the only 360° directable epidural video-guided catheter with a revolutionary double lock system. This gives the ability to block the catheter tip on both axes in a simple and more precise way, to use the dedicated operating instruments (Resaflex and Resaloon).

Resascope is safe, with 2 channels for fluids – one designed for saline infusion and one designed for saline recovery (thanks to the new graduated bag it is possible to recover excess saline).

It’s also comfortable with 3 ways for optic and tool insertion that have been manufactured on the handle itself, thus reducing the encumbrance on the operating field.

The above-mentioned innovations are available for both Resascope versions: with soft and rigid tip.

Balloon catheter for epiduroplasty.

Resaloon is designed and certified for use in the epidural space along with the Resascope video-guided catheter.

It allows the dilation of the stenotic canal to detach pathological adhesions from the dura mater.

Flexible electrode for surgical lysis with QMR technology.

Resaflex is designed to remove epidural scar tissues of greater tenacity. With an operating temperature of <45ºC and a working precision of up to 1mm

Patented generator with QMR technology

Resablator50 provides the ideal amount of energy to break the molecular bonds of pathological structures without causing any thermal damage or new scar tissue. With an operating frequency from 4Mhz and consecutive waves, Resablator50 allows 2 types of stimulation test: sensory (50Hz) to check the treatment area and motor (2Hz) to exclude the interest of motor roots.

A new multifunctional catheter

Resaplus is the new multifunctional catheter designed for the mechanical treatment of adhesiolysis, electrical treatment of spinal roots with PRF (in association with RF Generator) and pharmacological treatment in the epidural space. It allows predictive stimulation at 50Hz (sensory) and 2Hz and comes equipped with a specific 17 gauge Tuohy introducer needle. PRF can be performed on all spinal segments, with temperature controlled at < 42°. Additionally, infusion of drugs is possible during the procedure and the catheter can be left in place for 48 hours post operatively

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